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BOLD is an organization dedicated to the representation of under-represented people. Therefore, it is our duty to carry out our mission in ways that will showcase the beauty and strength of those under-represented populations. This social impact project was intended to explore beauty amongst hijabis and their thoughts on their place in the world. I was personally inspired by the introduction of hijabi models and influencers within the industry, notably Shahira Yusuf, Halima Aden, and Shahd Batal, and felt it necessary to explore others’ perspectives on this cultural inclusivity in mainstream fashion.


I had the chance to speak with one model, Sarima Moosa, and I learned of her experiences as a Muslim woman and hopes for the future of modest fashion. She is a first year, Nutritional Science major from Leesburg, GA, who started wearing her hijab in the sixth grade. I want to share some gems that she shared with me:

    • “As I grew as a person…I realized that my hijab is really a connection for me and my God, Allah, and that when people see me for the first time, I want them to know that I am a Muslim.”

    • “Everyday is a struggle. Everyday you have to get up and make the choice to wear it, but it keeps you in line of what the Quran says a good Muslim should be and people should see that.”

    • “For most of the people in Lee County, I am the first Muslim they have ever met or the only Muslim they will ever meet, so it was important that I didn’t take off my hijab to represent myself in society.”

    • “It takes a toll on you when you don’t see yourself represented, but when I saw Halima Aden for Nike, it was a big game-changer for me and my friends. My DMs were full of people sending it to me.”

    • “Whenever my mother sees anything positive relating to Islam, she always sends it to me and says: ‘Look! We’re being represented. They’re actually talking about something we can relate to!’”

    • “I’m inspired by Summer Albarcha, Halima Aden, and HudaBeauty.”

    • “I would like to see more variety of hijabi friendly clothes in brands, but Muslim women are so creative in finding ways to look fashionable.”

    • “I love makeup! Brands are now being held accountable for not having shade ranges and I appreciate that.”

    • “I am a hijabi woman, but I have friends from almost every cultural background, sexual identity, diverse population, and I love them immensely.”

    • “I am a hijibi woman and I belong here!”


I hope that you enjoy these beautiful photos of four, lovely, Muslim women who were brave enough to step in front of the camera and believed in my vision.


— Thomas


Photographers: Tahiya Anwar, Kendra Barr,  Edwin Lacroix

Models: Imane Bassit, Noora Chandasir, Sarima Moosa, Clifvonne Webb

Sylists: Barbara Walcot-Ceesay, Maya Fordham, Emma Mbaba

Creative Direction: Thomas Edge

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